Dear JUNIPALOOZA SYDNEY guests and fellow gin enthusiasts,

We have remained quiet over the past month in order to fully assess the situation, not jump to conclusions and best prepare ourselves for the inevitable continued compromises we will all have to face in the months to come.  Just like so many others across the world especially those in hospitality, our business has been severely impacted by Covid 19.

​Gin makers and drinkers have shown their true colours, with a vast majority of distillers now in full production of sanitiser for front line services, drinkers celebrating their local ginsmiths via virtual tastings and when it comes to us – simply allowing us enough time for a fully considered plan to be formed. We have been in awe, been inspired to join in and humbled by your solidarity.

​We have been working hard on alternative plans and can now fully illuminate you all. It is clear that it will be near impossible to hold our event in August. We are pleased to announce however, that we have managed to secure an alternative date.



​We are confident that we will be able to host a fantastic event then and that we will be able to enact any additional requirements should further precautionary measures be required.

​All tickets have now been transferred to those dates, no action is required. All timing details remain the same, it is just a change of date. Whatever session you have remains the same – there is no need to do anything as tickets will be automatically updated.


If you cannot join us in October there are three options:

​A) Ask us to move your session.


​If you can join us on the October weekend, but not on the particular session you had originally planned for, we are happy to transfer you over from Saturday to Sunday, or vis versa.

​Simply e-mail us with your ticket reference and state which alternative session you would like to attend instead (

B) Defer to 2021.


​We will be hosting next year’s Junipalooza Sydney on the 21st & 22nd of August 2021.


​If you can’t join us this October but would like to defer your tickets to next year’s show, we will gladly do so – email us ( and we will transfer them. Not only does it guarantee your booking, it will exempt you from any potential price increases and in addition, we will ensure that anyone who does this receives an added perk or two (for example, a huge shop discount) for committing so early.


C) We can refund your tickets.


​We’ll be sorry to not have you at Junipalooza, but we stand by our promise and our total and unequivocal commitment to guests. If you can’t make it and want a refund, please just use the Eventbrite system to request one.

​Given the circumstances, we ask that you please allow up to 28 days for refunds to be completed. We will process them as fast as we can, but please remember that anything on such a scale will take time. Moreover, as the process occurs via Eventbrite there is a small delay between us processing your request and funds being re-patriated.



​We hope that you will join us in October to enjoy the spectacular array of gins we have on offer and get to meet the talented distillers who make them.


​It’s a huge honour to be able to host such a big celebration of Gin and with your help and understanding, one we look forward to doing once more.​

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